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Bryan Argott

Bryan Argott is a US Marine who is a big fan of podcasts and coffee.  He has always been curious of life, trying to figure out where he fits in a world full of misfits.  Bryan's goal is to help people learn and grow each and every day.

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Bryan, a California native, got his start in podcasting after moving to Los Angeles, where he helped produce the '60 Shots to Fame' podcast.  However, he quickly realized that he really wanted to step into the hot seat himself.  So he decided to start his own podcast where he interviews people from all walks of life, from athletes to entrepreneurs.


While working at Reborn Coffee in Los Angeles, Bryan quickly discovered that he loved learning about the origins of his favorite cups of Joe.  His friend Jin, the founder of Kumquat Coffee, led Bryan to uncover a new passion: a quest to unearth the best methods of consuming java.

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